Megan Hine

Megan Hine

Pro Team
"Exploring the limits of human survival and resilience is what drives me. What I love about my job is how it combines everything I have ever done or learnt, from mountaineering to bushcraft."

Exploring the limits of human survival and resilience is what drives me.  As a producer and consultant on some of the biggest adventure shows on TV, I have the great fortune to spend many months of the year overseas in remote and often hostile environments.

My outdoor career started in the mountains, leading commercial expeditions with private clients, but through various twists of fate now encompasses all environments. I can literally be in a jungle one day and in the snow the next. My job is diverse and often starts with an email or phone call with a channel or production company who have a new show concept. I will work with them to develop ideas and offer up locations. I will then be deployed into the terrain and will spend days, weeks and sometimes months looking for locations, challenges and stunts which match the requirements of the show.

Once filming starts my role then becomes one of safety and survival consultant. This can involve rigging rope stunts, water safety, helicopter operations or spending time with local tribespeople, learning their traditional skills such as fire-lighting or harvesting of edible and medicinal plants. Communication is key. I can be talking to tribespeople in loin cloths in the morning and then members of royal families in the afternoon. Over the years I have picked up a diverse range of qualifications including off-road driving instructor and industrial rope access. What I love about my work is its variety, from mountaineering through to bushcraft.

My first book, ‘Mind of a Survivor’, has just been published and I’m proud to be an ambassador for the Scout organisation.

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