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SKJOLDR™ is Jöttnar's proprietary windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric.

We don’t use Gore-Tex in our waterproof, breathable clothing. We have used Polartec NeoShell in the past and we like it a lot. It breathes well.

But the time came to develop something in-house which fulfilled our own strength, breathability and waterproofing criteria exactly, based on our own use cases and feedback from our customers. So we developed SKJOLDR™ in the winter of 2018, our windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric.

It comes in different grades, but the membrane is the same. The membrane provides a hydrostatic head of 20,000mm. The face fabric is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment.

What is hydrostatic head (HH)?

A hydrostatic head (HH) rating of 20,000mm means that the membrane can withstand a water column of 20m in height. This guarantees that the membrane will not be penetrated by heavy rain.

What is breathability?

Garment breathability means that the membrane allows perspiration to escape outwards through the fabric. Whilst protecting against inward water penetration from rain or snow, this one-way water vapour transfer mechanism means that highly aerobic activities don't create a clammy, damp feeling from sweat becoming trapped inside.

How does the waterproof membrane work?

SKJOLDR™ works by layering a very thin sheet of polyurethane (PU) between a face fabric and a nylon backer. The PU membrane is covered with holes which are small enough to prevent water ingress, but large enough to allow sweat vapour to escape. The face fabric and backer’s primary role is to protect the membrane from damage, which would compromise the waterproofing of the garment. All the seams are sealed with tape, to prevent water ingress through the stitch holes.

How do I look after a SKJOLDR™ garment?

SKJOLDR™ requires simple, but regular care to maintain its performance. We advise washing a jacket that is actively used on a daily basis once a month, using an appropriate detergent. At the same time, re-treating the garment with a water-repellent treatment will restore the DWR on the face fabric. Jöttnar recommends Storm waterproofing products.

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