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Our Pro Team athletes help us test and develop our gear.

Going faster, higher, steeper, harder is what drives them, and is reflected in the clothes we make.


base jumper | skier | climber

46.2044° N, 6.1432° E

"I’d decided by this stage that I’d turn my focus to becoming the first person to climb and then BASE jump all of the ‘classic’ six North Faces of the Alps"

Willis Morris

speedwing pilot | Climber

56.6826° N, 5.1023° W

"Conquering the biggest, baddest, pointiest part of the mountain and then shredding back down in a matter of seconds. For me, it is all about the most challenging way up and the gnarliest way down."

John Thornton

skier | climber

47.1296° N, 10.2682° E

"I set my sights on the region’s steepest freeride and ski mountaineering test-pieces. Often soloing, it allowed me to evolve my limits and see different possibilities in the mountains."


climber | skier

56.8198° N, 5.1052° W

"Winter climbing here in Scotland is such a great mix of physical and mental challenge, demanding the full range of mountaineering skills as well as climbing technique. It’s a tough playground but all the more rewarding for that."


steep skier | climber

45.9237° N, 6.8694° E

"This passion for steep skiing has led me to technical first descents in the Alps, Baffin Island, British Columbia, Norway and more. In Autumn 2017 I skied the first descent of the 2,000 meter Caroline Face on Mt. Cook, one of the world’s largest unskied lines."

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