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WE ARE Jöttnar.

We make technical clothing for climbing, skiing and adventure.

Jöttnar was born in Arctic Norway and is the creation of two former Royal Marine commandos.

We’re lifelong mountaineers, climbers and skiers, and that DNA runs deep in the company. We run Jöttnar, we design the gear ourselves and we personally test it.

We don’t follow fabric trends and we have no need to follow retail trends. We design the gear we want to wear.

Our professional athletes then help us test it to destruction. 

Quality & Innovation

We’ve pioneered new fabric technology and construction techniques. We strive for the highest quality of manufacture. We apply ourselves personally to the small details, because we know how important these are.

Supplying the pros

Our gear is used and trusted by outdoor professionals. Guides, mountain rescue teams, expeditions, specialist military units and professional athletes choose Jöttnar.

Technical expertise

We use the gear we sell, and no-one knows it better than us. Get in touch with a query and we’ll answer openly and in full. You can trust our advice.

Pro team TesteD

Going faster, higher, steeper, harder is what drives our Pro Team athletes. The daily demands they place on their gear in the world’s harshest mountain conditions are reflected in the clothing we make.

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Testing to destruction

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