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Ewa Kalisiewicz | JÖTTNAR Pro Team



Climber, BASE Jumper. 

I was always passionate about flying and the freedom it gives. Having studied Aviation Management, I knew I wanted to fly myself, but with my body rather than an aircraft! During my university years in Poland, I picked up skydiving which quickly accelerated into wingsuit skydiving when I moved to Spain. From here, I began BASE jumping and wingsuit BASE jumping, which led me to discover more technical alpine routes when climbing up mountains. I soon fell in love with mountaineering and the combination of climbing up and flying down.

I am an airline industry professional during the week and a mountain go-getter at the weekends. All my free time is happily spent either climbing, mountaineering, skiing, base jumping or, if the weather conditions do not co-operate, training for the upcoming expeditions. I love the remoteness and self-sufficient aspect of the expeditions. The most memorable ones were summitting never climbed before 5,000m peaks in Kyrgyzstan, climbing Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua unsupported via the rarely attended routes, winter ski touring in the Arctic Circle combined with scrambling the remote cliffs and BASE jumping off of them, landing on the frozen lakes.


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