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Cave Riding

Cave Riding

Alex Jeffers
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What do competitive mountaineers do on their day off? Apparently they go caving on skis. UBAC Media joined young brothers Tristan and Louna for an intriguing descent.



Louna and Tristan are young brothers. Their entire lives are totally focused on becoming better athletes in the mountains. They live with their mother in a remote village of Hautes Alpes, deliberately away from the usual distractions of youth. They want to take advantage of their age to do their best on the Ice Climbing World Cup circuit, so they train all year long, either in the mountains, at the gym, or in their DIY climbing wall.

Last spring, after a particularly long winter dedicated to competition, they wanted to play in the mountains in the purest way, just to be together and to have fun in their favorite playground. So they went for a fun ski mountaineering route through a cave.


Find out more about UBAC Media's beautiful work in the mountains via their Vimeo page here


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