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Willis Morris is a member of the Jöttnar Pro Team.


"One down jacket to rule them all?  This really is the jacket I never go without.  Whether it's packed on the harness as a lightweight back-up on every route in case of chilly belays, worn as a top layer in cold but good conditions, or just used about camp in the morning/evenings it's always perfect.  It's not so heavy you can't move fast in it but warm enough to tackle any short period of cold.  For a down jacket it doesn't seem to mind the damp, thanks to the hydrophobic down, but if you do end up wet it dries super quickly too.  This is really confidence-inspiring when you're on a route for multiple days. 

"The loft of the down springs back ultra quickly after being removed from its stuff sack. For such seemingly soft fabric the material is so hard-wearing.  I've done my best to completely destroy mine over the last year and yet it still looks new!"


"My favourite piece has got to be my Alfar mid layer.  Hands down the best mid-layer for winter climbing I've used. I know many people who favour uniformly synthetic jackets for a mid-layer in Scotland.  However, I've always found them too bulky on the arms and shoulders, so I've always favoured a flexible fleece layer with the sacrifice of some warmth and weight.  The Alfar is the perfect solution.  Super warm on your torso with plenty of breathability for when you're working hard on those steep pitches, yet tonnes of flexibility and freedom with the super stretchy Powerstretch sleeves.  

"I also love how the Powerstretch is soft and cosy on the inside, yet smoother on the outside.  This allows you to pull on and off an outer layer with ease, without the sleeves catching and bunching up.  

"Comfortable and hard-wearing thumb holes keep that potentially exposed wrist connection to your gloves closed to the elements, helping the blood to your hands stay warm and so keeping the dreaded hot-aches away with ease.  It's quick to dry and easy to pack away for the sweaty walk-ins, yet made from hardy material that doesn't show any sign of wear even after a winter's-worth of hammering."


"Probably my most worn piece of Jöttnar kit.  The Valis are my go-to legwear for speed flying, as they're perfect for protecting the legs from the windchill when travelling at 120km/h, but also breathable enough even in the heat of the Alps in the summer.  Paired with some thin liner trousers underneath, I've taken these to the summit of Mont Blanc with no fear of getting too sweaty or overheating, even when moving moving fast and working hard. 

"For the fair weather days in Scotland when hardshell would be overkill, the water-repellent treatment of the fabric shrugs off any unexpected light showers.  Snow is easy to brush off without leaving you damp.  The ankle cuffs fit over my B3 boots, yet drawcords cinch them tight on my ankle when in my rock shoes.  They really are the multi-tool of trousers. 

"On the wall they're perfect for climbing.  Super stretchy fabric which has a close but natural fit means movement is never restricted, even with high steps or wide bridges.  From cold cragging in the UK to hard sport climbing in Spain during the winter - if I'm on the wall, I'm likely wearing my Valis."




Willis Morris is a member of the Jöttnar Pro Team.

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