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Jöttnar Para Alpinism

Jöttnar Para Alpinism

Alex Jeffers
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On Monday morning Jöttnar’s Tim Howell and Willis Morris climbed Mont Blanc du Tacul’s Arête du Diable, accompanied by photographer Hamish Frost and videographer Jake Holland.

And then they threw themselves off the top.

Tim’s method of descent was via BASE jump and parachute, Willis's by speedwing.  Hamish and Jake went by tandem paraglider.

Para-alpinism isn’t new.  Mountains have always been climbed by paragliders and precipitous exits have always been sought by BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers.  But what Tim and Willis both share is an ability to operate at the technical boundaries of both climbing and flying, putting them in a minute percentile of mortals.   

All photos by Hamish Frost.  Enjoy.  


Preparing for battle
Crampons on

Preparing for battle in the early morning gloom.

At the foot of the ridge

At the foot of Mont Blanc du Tacul’s Arête du Diable.

Willis on the lower section

Willis and the first rays of the morning sun.

Moving through broken ground

Moving through atmospheric terrain on the ridge's lower reaches.

Getting higher

The interest builds.

The Grand Capucin below

Tim with the Grand Capucin below, its summit elevation of 3,838 metres.


Boom!  Tim gets airborne from a virgin exit point on the Arête du Diable.

Willis preps his wing

Willis prepares his wing.

Willis gets airborne

Willis takes the weight off his feet.  The Aiguille du Midi just visible amidst the clouds in the distance.

Hamish and Jake take flight

Hamish and Jake take flight.

Why walk when you can fly?

Mission accomplished. Chamonix, pizza and beer below.

Jöttnar clothing worn: Hymir waterproof smock & Fenrir hooded down jacket

Willis Morris and Tim Howell are members of the Jöttnar Pro Team.  Read more about them here.


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