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Winter's Coming

Winter's Coming

Alex Jeffers
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This video was made by friend of Jöttnar, Kieron Ross, during the endless Scottish winter of 2012/13.  Filmed on Ben Nevis and in Glen Coe, we wanted to produce something that was concise and emotive, but where the climber played a secondary role to the ice, rock and features of the mountain.

We chose to do this through a sequence of close-ups, such as the delicate placement of crampon front points on bare rock or the hopeful driving-in of a screw into fragile ice - framed by the ever-present menace of weather and conditions.

The occasional glimpses of the jacket and salopette are early prototypes of Bergelmir and Vanir, both of which owe their development to that particularly long and cold winter which provided such an outstanding testing environment.

So it's with great delight to see another winter now tightening its grip.

Jöttnar - Winter's Coming from Jöttnar on Vimeo.

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