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Trade & Upgrade

Send us your pre-loved Jöttnar gear and get 15% off your next purchase.

Download a Trade & Upgrade returns form and complete the required fields.

Clean and launder your returning Jöttnar item(s).

Package up your gear and return to us with the form provided.

Receive a 15% discount code by email and redeem within 30 days.


How long will it take to receive my discount code?

We aim to send the discount code to your specified email address within three working days.

What happens to my old gear?

If received in a functional condition we donate it to charity and good causes. If in a non-functional condition we dispose of it responsibly on your behalf. Either way you will receive your 15% discount.  

Do I need to clean my gear before returning?

Yes. Assuming functional condition, we donate all returned items to charity and good causes.

Unclean garments cannot be donated and are unpleasant for our staff to deal with.

Unclean garments will be returned without discount issued.

Are there any garments you won’t accept?

We accept all garments produced by Jöttnar.

If I return multiple items, will I receive a larger discount on my next purchase?

No. Although a 15% code will be issued against each returned product, discounts must be used individually and cannot be bundled together.

Once issued, how long is my discount code valid for?

Discount codes must be used within 30 days from date of issue.

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